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Our Mission is to provide youth with opportunities to create positive and peaceful communities.


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What We Do

Project Great Futures works to provide Southern California youth with information about alternatives to military enlistment. We look for and promote programs and services which support, affirm, and encourage young people to fulfill their dreams. Our goal is to support students to think critically, research the options, raise their expectations, and to empower students to make up their own minds about their future.

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Our Volunteers

Project Great Futures relies upon volunteers and is funded mostly by individual contributors.

The Career Fair Team is a group of volunteer speakers from careers, apprenticeship programs, job training, colleges, and nonprofit organizations who are available for middle and high schools in the greater Los Angeles area. They will come out to school career fairs, assemblies, or school meetings to share their expertise and open up the possibilities for youth. They are also available for city and community events and programs.

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I Have Options?

Youth have heard and even believed that "If you're not rich, your options after high school (or even college) are Wal-Mart, prison, or the military."

Project Great Futures seeks to expose this myth for what it is and whom it benefits. It challenges young people to expect the most and the best in themselves, and supports them in the process of exploring the options. We've researched the opportunities in southern California, as well as some national and international programs, and found many excellent ones!

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